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sábado, 12 de noviembre de 2016

Changing the model

This year many countries have expressed a resounding change of model. Since England to Colombia, passing by USA. For many years our society attempt to include the human rights as a political government model. With the Nuremberg trials, after the Second World War, the winner´s try to include Human Right in the core of Western policies. But, after 60 years, in 2016, some peoples say “no” about this model. Who needs peace? In many countries people vote for a risk radical and violent model.
“No” in Colombia, a country with high rates of violence, murder and terrorism. The people don’t want to forgive. They express some reasons. But a beautiful moment of reconciliation was lost. Massive support for this came from people over 44 years. “Brexit” in England showed us the sad face of David Cameron that ended up resigning. England vote for leave the European Union, support came again from people over 50 years. And now, Trump in USA obtains the victory with massive support from citizens over 44 years.
What about people over 40 years? I speculate on the reasons. The 70ś generation lived the Vietnam War, Irak war, the Cuba's arrangement and socialism and communism in Europa. A boom in nationalism and wars hasn't ceased to appear on the planet. But in 2008 the US economy broke. Some industries migrate to others countries, for save production. Many people lost their jobs. In two times, Obama received support of the congress for economic rescue. Unemployement rates were as high as 1932. All these reasons was not enough? Well, may be. But since 1970 the world lived with “moderate radicals”, to give them a name. The global terrorism is present in the mind of many persons. Since 1970 the radicalization of ideas had time to cocking a global anti-radical movement. Combat violence with violence. Now, all these movements come to power.
Therefore, at this moment in the history of humanity, the Earth is in danger again. 2016 will be remembered as a black year for the reason. From the Middle Ages the human species did not live so dark.
M.D Carlos Vera Scamarone

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